Spirited Away: Sentence Starters

  • "You don't remember your name?"
  • "What's going on here?"
  • "Something you wouldn't recognize. It's called love."
  • "I just remembered something from a long time ago, I think it may help you."
  • "A river spirit?"
  • "My name is __________."
  • "That must be why I can't find my way home."
  • "I remember you falling into the river."
  • "I remember your little pink shoe."
  • "So, you're the one who carried me back to shallow water."
  • "You saved me."
  • "I knew you were good!"
  • "Once you do something, you never forget. Even if you can't remember."
  • "Your body matches your brain."
  • "I finally get a bouquet and it's a goodbye present. That's depressing."
  • "Don't take that food!"
  • "We're gonna get in trouble!"
  • "He's got credit cards and cash!"
  • "Try to remember as much as you can about your old life."
  • "I thought I never met him before!"
  • "Oh, that's a wonderful place to start!"
  • "Once you meet someone, you never really forget them."
  • "I promise I'll be back."
  • "You can't die."
  • "Don't worry, I've got four-wheel drive."
  • "I just want you to know my real name!"
  • "What a pretty name!"
  • "Be sure to take good care of it!"
  • "A new home and a new school? It is a bit scary."
  • "I think I can handle it."
  • "We're identical twins and exact opposites."
  • "You're the one everyone's been looking for!"
  • "She's my granddaughter."
  • "There must be some mistake!"
  • "I followed her voice and woke up lying here."
  • "I'm sorry I called you a dope before... I take it back!"
  • "I'm sorry my sister turned you parents into pigs."
  • "It's just the way things are."
  • "Can't you please give me more help than that?"
  • "Are you emotionally tramautized?"
  • "I'm hungry!"
  • "Why don't you wake everyone up!"
  • "What an esophagus!"
  • "Those are shrines. Some people believe spirits live in them."
  • "Don't be afraid, I just wanna help you."
  • "Open your mouth and eat this."
  • "If you don't eat food from this world, you'll disappear."
  • "It's made from the threads your friends wove together."
  • "Try this. It's delicious."
  • "Want some gold? I'm not giving it to anybody else!"
  • "What would you like? Just name it."
  • "You should go back to where you came from."
  • "Don't you have any friends or family?"
  • "What is it that you want?"
  • "Are you going to eat me?"
  • "What did you do to me?"
  • "Welcome the rich man, he's hard for you to miss."
  • "His butt keeps getting bigger, so there's plenty there to kiss!"
  • "It's gonna stink."
  • "It doesn't look so bad."
  • "I'm see-through!"
  • "You better get here before I forget what my parents look like."
  • "I hope my dad hasn't gotten too fat."
  • "What did you do with my baby?"
  • "Aren't you even going to knock?"
  • "You're the most pathetic little girl I've ever seen."
  • "Stay right where you are, I'm coming to get you!"
  • "I won't let him hurt you."
  • "I think he needs help!"
  • "You smell like a human!"
  • "Roasted newt!"
  • "You want to lose your nose?"
  • "Oh, paper cut!"





two of the pics from 落書き詰め6by KUBI@多忙

she’s done such a fantastic job on insects, especially the fluffy little bumblebee


This is hilarious for me as it comes right after my friend Eddie telling me that the way Japanese honeybees kill hornet invaders is by cuddling them to death.

Turns out, Japanese hornets, though they’re big and mean, can’t survive at the maximum temperature that the little bumbles can. So when a hornet crashes their hive, the little honeybees in all their cute fuzzy glory surround the hornet and cuddle up to it, piling more and more on top of the group hug mound until the hornet overheats to death.

In other words, Hornet-sempai better watch his fucking back.

this speaks to me